Jim has been working with his hands since he was a teenager. For the last 20 years woodworking has been his passion.  He has studied various disciplines from cabinet making, veneering, marquerty, inlay and curved shapes. It was with curved shapes that he found direction for his work. The process starts with selecting the wood for the front on the box, displaying the best grain and coloring. Most boxes are made by gluing individual boards into a block.  Jim cuts out the basic shape of the box, then sculpts out the hard lines so the eye flows from one surface to another.  After much refinement, the box is sanded to bring out the grain and then polished to enhance the luster and shine of the wood.
Payment can be made via Money order, cash or personal checks; shipment will not be completed until checks have cleared.

Shipping and handling
United States                $15.00

Return Policy
Artful Wood Creations wants the purchaser to be happy with each art piece.  If you any questions please contact Jim so issues can be resolved.
Jim's work is available from the following Art Galleries and select art shows in Kansas and Missouri.  The boxes shown here are available from any of those outlets so not everything you see here may still available. Contact him about any that interest you and you can discuss availability, wood species and other details.

Wood'n Ya Wanit - Tan-Tar-A Resort Osage Beach MO
SouthWind Art Gallery - Topeka, KS
Waverly House Gifts and Gallery - Springfield, MO
The Tulsa Artery -Tulsa, OK
McCoy Jewelers - Brownsville, OK   

AWC-278 Spalted cottonwood with Zebrawood and paduck butterfly inlay. 12 X 10 X 4 $350.00 Sold

SOLD AWC_015 Chestnut box with Ebony handles 11 x 6 4 1/2 Louis Keener Ventura design Shellac finish $135.00

AWC-093 Asian influnce, Popular box, 9x3x6

Sold AWC_017 Walnut box 16 x 5 x 4 $100.00

AWC-058 SOLD Box is made of Popular the handles are Purpleheart, the base is Ash. The box is 18 x 6 x 3, sitting on a 6 x 10 inch base, finish is Shellac.

SOLD - Mahogany Bowl, This bowl is made from African Mahogany and measures approximately 10 X 8 X 3. The finish a Mahoney's heat treated Walnut oil, the bowl is food safe.

Small Oak Bowl, This bowl is made from Oak the two stripes are Padauk and measures approximately 71/2 X 6 X 2 1/2. The finish a Mahoney's heat treated Walnut oil, the bowl is food safe.$60.00

AWC-190 AWC-190 10x9x4 Limba & Popular $130.00

AWC-182 Three drawer tall box with clock made from Popular with a shellac finish then polished using a three step process. $75.00

AWC-201 Sold Four drawer made form White Limba wood finished with Shellac and polished in a three step process. Box measures 8 X 9 X 4. $75.00

AWC-196 Sold A scroll saws bowl from Birdseye maple dragon fly inlay with a dragon fly insert. the bowl measures 11 X 6.5 X 3 finished a food safe finish. $75.00

AWC-195 Sold Scroll saw bowl made from four different species cut with a scroll saw then sanded to a fine finish. Finished with a food safe finish. Measures 8.5 X 7.5 X 3.5. $80.00

AWC-109 Sold Vase created from four different species then cut on the scroll saw.

AWC-189 SOLD A box with a sewing thimble for the handle made with Maple. The drawer has a soft foam insert to hold straight pins.

AWC-074 This box is made using Ash with Walnut for the drawer fronts. Unlike most Band saw boxes the drawer fronts are an overlay style. The clock at the top uses a standard watch battery.





AWC_013 Walnut box 15 x 7 x 41/2 Louis Keener Ventura design Shellac finish $125.00
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